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Fundamentals Analytical Method Validation in Chemistry labs with practicality.


 This session will give all necessary tools for quick implementation of AMV (Analytical Method Validation), requirements as per various regulators. 


This session will provide a broad understanding and “hands-on” knowledge of the method validation process and the difficulties encountered in validating methods to comply with today’s upgraded regulatory requirements. 


You will learn:

  • What is the difference between validation and verification?
  • Implementation of AMV, requirements as per various regulators.
  • Apply AMV Requirements using Microsoft Excel.


Course Content:

  • What is method validation and verification? 
  • What is the difference between validation and verification?
  • Why is method validation necessary?
  • When should methods be validated or verified?
  • Method performance parameters such as: 

- Linearity/Range  
- Detection Levels

  • Validation and verification tools
  • References   


  • All chemical laboratory workers.
  • The people whose interested in Analytical Method Validation and Verification.  

Internal Auditors and consultant for ISO17025:2017 

  • Schedule 07 - 08 Feb, 2023
  • Training Timing FROM 09 AM TO 03 PM
  • Venue Jeddah
  • Training Language Arabic and English (simultaneous translation)