Director General of the GCC Accreditation Center

Eng. Moteb Almezani

The director general is responsible for:-

  • Ensuring appropriate representation at national, regional and international levels
  • Signing mutual recognition arrangements
  • Supporting GAC presence in regional and international institutions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, international standards and conventions
  • Develop relationships with stakeholders of accreditation activity
  • Head of evaluation teams for the accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies, Halal certification bodies, and product certification bodies
  • A peer reviewer in each of the International Organization for Accreditation of Asia and the Pacific Countries (APAC) and the International Organization of Accreditation Bodies for Halal Certification Issuers (IHAF)
  • Vice President of the Arab Regional Accreditation Agency (ARAC).
  • An international trainer and certification expert since 2015