Director General

Dear Customer, Users and Stakeholders,
  • I affirm the GCC Accreditation Center's steadfast commitment to providing accreditation services aligned with international best practices. Our client-focused approach ensures transparency, fairness, and non-discrimination.
  • Guided by autonomy established in the agreement among seven member countries, we maintain robust communication channels with regulatory authorities, international partners, scientific community and other counterpart accredited bodies.
  • Our assessors, crucial to our accreditation system, undergo rigorous monitoring and training to uphold the competence of accredited bodies. Their performance significantly influences the value and market acceptance of accreditation. Hence, rigorous performance monitoring and regular training are paramount.
  • The dynamic management system adapts to user expectations and international standards, informed by inputs from assessors, accredited bodies, and stakeholders.
  • In line with our commitment, we have set ambitious targets, including expanding recognitions for various accreditation schemes, ensuring rigorous follow-up and improvement of assessor and GAC personnel performance, establishing efficient relationships with interested parties and Conformity Assessment Bodies, fostering collaboration with Accreditation Bodies of other economies, and actively participating in international accreditation organizations' activities.
Director General
GCC Accreditation Center (GAC)