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Part 1: Introductions

- Concept of quality in food industries 

- Concept of context in food industries 

- Concept of PRPs: ISO 22002 Family (-1/2/3/4/5/6)                               

- Concept of FSMS: ISO 22000 / FSSC / IFS / BRC        

- Site of FSMS in quality systems

Part 2: Different types of control measures approaches

- Concepts of HACCP: Prevention of contamination

- Concept of TACCP: Food Defense

- Concept of VACCP: Food Fraud

- Concept of HALAL / TAIEB

- Concept of “Organoleptic” HACCP

-  Food Safety culture

Part 3: Key elements of a FSMS

 - Resources: HR/work environment/infrastructure/ outsourced activities / communication documented information

- Traceability

- Emergency situations

- Control of product and process nonconformities

- Performance evaluation tools

- Improvement tools

Part 4: Key elements of accreditation in FSMS

- Importance of accreditation

- Overview of ISO 22003-1

- Overview of IAF MD 16


·Explaining the Requirements of a FSMS

·Explaining the concept of Food Quality

·Understanding the mechanisms and ways for implementation of a FSMS


Auditors and employee of certification bodies

Assessors of accreditation bodies

Food Safety experts

Food safety managers and Food Safety team

Food laboratory managers and technicians

Consultants and researchers involved in food safety.

  • Schedule 28 - 30 May, 2023
  • Training Timing FROM 09:00 AM TO 03:00 PM
  • Venue Muscat