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Estimation of measurement uncertainty is considered as one of the important technical requirements for accreditation of laboratories and to ensure the quality of measurement results issued by these laboratories.

The GCC accreditation center (GAC) has organized this training course in the framework of its role in laboratories accreditation and in dissemination of the requirements and importance of accreditation.

This course is designed for laboratories personnel responsible for implementing uncertainty analysis methods and procedures for ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 compliance

The participants will gain an understanding of the detailed steps required, accepted practices, and types of uncertainties that need to be considered by laboratories in order to report valid results. 


·         Give improved understanding of the statistical concepts required for estimation of measurement uncertainty

·       Learn the skills needed for implementation of the requirements ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 related to measurement uncertainty

·       Learn how to estimate measurement  uncertainty from start to finish in the way to ensure validity of  laboratory results

·       Introduce the international requirements for estimation of  uncertainty

Use of the case studies and practical exercises with group discussions of results to have the skill of  estimation of measurement uncertainty


Course Content:

·       Statistical principles of measurement process

·       Measurement  errors

·       Measurement uncertainty in ISO 17025: 2017

·       Why should laboratories estimate uncertainty?

·       Sources of measurement uncertainty

·       Calculating measurement uncertainty: Traditional approach

·       Calculating measurement uncertainty: Top down approach

·       Expanded uncertainty

·       Effective degree of freedom

·       Reporting measurement uncertainty

·       Examples for calculating uncertainty

·       ILAC polices for measurement uncertainty

Case studies followed by group discussions


Technical and management staff in calibration and testing laboratories 

  • Schedule 26 - 28 Sep, 2023
  • Training Timing 09:00am to 03:00pm
  • Venue Riyadh
  • Training Language Arabic