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This workshop deals with the basic skills of auditing quality systems, and the applications of the ISO19011 standard. The workshop includes audit principles, auditor skills, internal audit mechanisms, and methodologies, developing an audit plan and program, as well as determinants of successful auditing and classification of general findings



Course Content:

1-          Definition of auditing and its general determinants.

2-         Types of auditing.

3-         Auditing principles.

4-         Skills of developing (audit program, audit plan, checklists).

5-         Questioning skills of an auditor.

6-         Types of evidence and their classifications within the audit process.

7-         Skills of opening and closing meetings.

8-         Writing internal audit reports. 


1-         Form the necessary skills of the internal auditor of the quality management system according to the requirements of ISO19011.

2-         Understand the principles of auditing and their applications to the internal audit system.

3-         Know the different types of auditing and the determinants of each type.

4-          Practice the necessary skills before, during, and after the auditing process. 


1-         Internal auditors in management systems (quality, safety, environment, etc.).

Employees needed to qualified as an internal auditors.



  • Schedule 09 - 11 Dec, 2024
  • Training Timing FROM 09:00 AM TO 03:00 PM
  • Venue Muscat