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GSO 2055-1: 2015 : General Requirements for Halal Food

GSO 993 : 2015 Animal Slaughtering Requirements According to Islamic Rules

Applications / Cases studies


This course aims to:

ü  Understand the requirements for certification of halal food according to Gulf standards GSO 2055-1: 2015 and GSO 993: 2015.

ü  Understand the audit methods for certifying halal products.


ü  Auditors, and employees of the Halal certification bodies

ü  Assessors of accreditation bodies

ü Managers/ Owners/ Management team from laboratory and food industries concerned with developing and maintaining the Halal Food



ü  Some specificities of food products

ü  Classification of food as specified in standard 2055-2 (2015) and ISO 22003:2013

ü  What is halal food?

ü  Concept of accreditation

ü  Concept of Certification

ü  Halal certification Scheme(s)

ü  Related Gulf Standards for certification of Halal Food

ü  Classification of Non-halal foods 

GSO 2055-1: 2015 : General Requirements for Halal Food

1-     Scope

2-     Complementary References

3-     Terms and definitions

4-     General requirements

5-     Packaging and Rapping Materials

6-     Halal Food Retail, Handling and Service Outlets

7-     Storage, Display and Transportation

8-      Labeling (General requirement)

9-     Labeling of Prepackaged Food Stuffs according to GSO 9 : 2013


ü  The maximum limits for residues of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) in food according to GSO 2538: 2017:

ü  Extraction solvents and it’s residue limits in the production foodstuffs and food ingredients according to GSO 2359:2014

ü  Applications / Cases studies

GSO 993 : 2015 Animal Slaughtering Requirements According to Islamic Rules

1. Scope

2. Complementary References

3. Definitions

4. Sharea tazkeya requirements and morals according to Islamic rules

Slaughtered Animals (4.1)/ Tazkeya Performer(4.2)/ Devices and tools(4.3)/ Slaughtering procedure(4.4)

Slaughtering Practice Requirements (4.5)

- Application of VSV principles for controlling stunning parameters

Slaughtering Place Requirements (4.6)

5. Supervision, Monitoring and Stamping Slaughtered Animals

6. Labeling

Applications / Cases studies

  • Schedule 12 - 13 Jun, 2023
  • Venue Melbourne - Australia
  • Training Language English