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The International Standard ISO 15189: 2012 specifies the requirements for the competence and quality that are particular to medical laboratories.

The implementation of this international standard by medical laboratories provides confidence in the results of examinations performed by these laboratories.

The International Standard is applicable to all laboratories regardless of the number of personnel or the extent of the scope of medical testing

The international standard ISO 15189: 2012 is used by the accreditation bodies in confirming and recognizing the competence of medical laboratories in the way to allow the acceptance of their results between different parties.

The standard includes the management and technical requirements that are related to the competence of medical laboratories and essential to patient care.

The GCC accreditation center (GAC) has organized this training course in the framework of its role in laboratories accreditation and in dissemination of the requirements and importance of accreditation.

The training course is carried out proffer including presentations by the trainer, group discussions and case studies with participation of all delegates.

The training material will be available to all participants during the course.  Certificates will be delivered by GAC reprehensive at  the end of the training course. 

The course aims to:

•Gain the knowledge of the international system for laboratories accreditation

•Gain an understanding of  the requirements  for  the technical competence of medical laboratories

•Learn how a laboratory quality management system  is designed and operated  and learn all elements  of the standard and the important concepts

•Increase the confidence in the performance of staff who implement the requirements.

•Have the opportunity to exchange experience and take benefits from the case studies and the group discussions


Introduction on the international system of laboratories accreditation and ISO 15189 requirements

Management requirements of the standard

•Organization and  management responsibilities

•Quality management system

•Document control

•Service agreements

•Examination by referral laboratories

•External services and supplies

•Advisory services

•Resolution of complaints

•Identification and control of nonconformities

•Corrective action

•Preventive action  

•Continual improvement

•Control of records  

•Evaluation and audits

•Management review

Technical requirements of the Standard

• Personnel

•Accommodation and environmental conditions

•Laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables.

•Pre-examination processes

•Examination processes

•Ensuring quality of examination results

•Post examination processes

•Reporting of results

•Release of  results

•Laboratory information management


Technical and management staff  in medical laboratories 

  • Schedule 10 - 12 Jun, 2024
  • Training Timing FROM 09:00 AM TO 03:00 PM
  • Venue Riyadh
  • Training Language  Arabic